Intuition Abstracts

The Intuition Series is an ever-evolving study of line, form and texture where I give myself permission to explore with curiosity and without fear. I rarely start with an image in mind and let the composition unfold over time, punctuated by a mix of media, such as acrylic paint, pastels, graphite and ink. The compositions range from monochromatic balance to bold color stories with organic shapes and gestural marks.


I've always been enamored with world languages having grown up speaking Greek and English, studying Spanish and French, and learning Danish as an international exchange student. In this body of work, I am building upon collage techniques that originated in the "Pieces of Me" collection, but I am challenging myself to embrace negative space with carefree yet restrained mark making. I consider the marks as my personal language, influenced by the beautiful curves of letters in the Greek alphabet and accentuated with organic shapes and colors from recycled paint chips.


Pieces of Me

The inspiration behind these collages is the realization that facing life's challenges create a new normal. We can either fight the loss of self and clasp onto what once was, or we can move forward embracing personal imperfections. I am vibrant yet vunerable, complex yet simple. Fragments of emotions, events and experiences all intricately woven into who I am today.

The Flow Series

Inspired by Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Nets, the Flow series is a manifestation of unbridled emotion and chaos that buids up over time, layer by layer, followed by a meditative sequence of mark making that quiets the soul. I especially love to paint these creations onto large-format wood panels made by a local craftsman. The large scale allows me to activate all of my muscles and whole body in the abrasive application of underpainting that often leaves me out of breath and overexerted. I return at a later date and with a different mindset to bring control to chaos by painting smaller, repetitive shapes that slow me down into a state of serenity.

Detail shots

Odyssey Series

This series was inspired by a homecoming of sorts – a pilgrimage to Greece, my mother's homeland, following the one year anniversary of her death. My father and I felt her loss deeply and we yearned to be near her and to feel her presence, and so we set out to be reunited with all four of her older siblings (my uncles and aunt all over the age of 80!). All of the forces of air, sea, sights and sounds encapsulated us into a deeper connection that defied space or time. Our odyssey was a journey to remember and to keep those memories alive. 

Abstract Landscapes

Every now and then, I put my brush aside and pick up a palette knife to create colorful yet calming coastal and pastoral scenes. Growing up near the ocean in Florida has left an undeniable imprint on my soul, and the same feelings of serenity arise when I retreat to the Virginia countryside.