Learn about my creative process and what inspires my work.

My creative process is exploratory in nature, influenced by mood, surroundings, travels and life events. I rarely start with an image in mind. Layers of underpainting reveal what the next step will be. Art is a safe place for me to take risks and make mistakes that lead to new pathways of understanding. I work on several pieces simultaneously, which allows me to act on impulsive ideas balanced by time for contemplation. 

I work primarily in acrylic paint but also love to combine other mediums such such as ink, pencil, pastels and collage. I dabble between larger works on handcrafted wood panels and works on paper. The variety challenges me and also gives me a chance to continue exploring and enjoying every phase of the creative journey. Textural surfaces, intuitive marks and saturated colors are my signature elements.


A Traumatic Brain Injury changed the course of my life.

A split-second fall on the stairs of my historic row house resulted in a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). Impaired mental function affected my speech, vision and balance and forced me into complete isolation and cognitive rest. As the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, my restlessness grew. At first, I painted just to pass the time. In complete silence I smeared gesso and paint in broad strokes, applying layers and layers of texture in a meditative state. Other times vigorous sanding and scraping helped me release my frustrations and exposed raw spots in my work that added dimension and unveiled newfound possibilities. Artful living took on new meaning; it became an essential part of the healing process. Painting is my sanctuary. 


I’m living a creative life in Richmond, Virginia. I'm passionate about girls' education and proudly carry forward my Hellenic heritage and traditions. I'm easily distracted by beautiful design and have an insatiable appetite for colors and texture, especially as found in nature and unexpected places.